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6 Things You Can Do With Other Gadgets on Your Photo Booth Rental in Greenvale, NYC

6 Things You Can Do With Other Gadgets on Your Photo Booth Rental in Greenvale, NYC Posted on 01/03/2021

The benefits of renting a photo booth in Greenvale, NYC are limitless. When you rent, you’re not investing in machinery and rental space that will only be used once. Many photo booth rental companies also offer package deals that include rental fees, setup/tear down, and use for the specific duration of the event(s) you’re renting for. Some companies may even allow you to share the photo booth rental equipment with other guests for an additional fee.

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A: Generally, most photo booth businesses in Greenvale, NYC charge a per event fee. Generally, the rate goes down if there are more than one guests using the machine at any given time. Most photo booth rental companies have a minimum number of session hours that will range anywhere from 2 minutes to 4 minutes. This is called the “Session Rate”. If a photo booth rental company does not charge a per-event fee, you’ll find that you are less likely to overuse the machine and incur unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment. This can lead to a higher cost when it comes time to renew your rental agreement.

B: There is typically no limit on the number of photo booths in Greenvale, NYC you can rent for an event; however, many companies do require you to pre-select the number of photo printers that will be included in the package. Also, many photo booth rental companies offer a discount for online orders. Also, many companies offer special discounts if you order more than one photo booth or pre-order photo print products. Many hootbooths include up to four standard LCD monitors so you can easily view images captured on your hootbooth camcorder.

C: Renting photo booths for social media purposes in Greenvale, NYC can create a whole new way to market your business. By renting to social media outlets, you can connect with potential clients on a more personal level. It is a great way to increase brand awareness without a need for a large advertising campaign. The great thing about social media is that you can update information regarding new products and events in real time from the comfort of your office or home. This strategy also helps you generate more traffic to your website and can eventually increase sales.

D: For those who own an online digital camera store, you can benefit greatly from using digital cameras to display images taken by customers in your booth. You can add captions explaining what the photo booth camera captured. You can create an attractive display right inside your booth so that customers can get a closer look at the photos. You can even set up a ticket area so that customers can pick up their digital photos and souvenirs. With the addition of an iPad photo booth in Greenvale, NYC to your menu of digital marketing tools, you’ll soon see your sales growing!

E: Extend the fun of your photo booth experience in Greenvale, NYC even further with the addition of new HootSuite and iPic software programs. HootSuite allows you to upload and manage your photos directly from your computer. You can then preview them on your iPhone or iPad, share them with your friends and make the decision whether you want to print photos from your Hoot Booth. iPic will allow you to print high-resolution, printed photos from your Hoot Booth on compatible printing devices, including desktop printers, laptops, and even iPads.

F: Get creative with your Hoot Booth printing in Greenvale, NYC so that you can offer more than just photo prints. Consider offering fabric or paper prints as well. You can also add special effects, like a glittery finish, to your prints. For example, you can add glitter or dots to make a collage picture book or album. The possibilities are endless!

G: Use your iPad or iPhone with your rented photo booth to take pictures of your guests during their visit in Greenvale, NYC. This is a great way to get more attendance at your events. There are many other uses for your social media networking photo booths such as posting pictures from your latest social media campaign, sharing your event information with family and friends, and promoting your business. If you haven’t tried using iPic or HootSuite for your iShop or iPub rental, give them a try for your next event!